Daya Insurance Inc., was established in late 2006, as a company that provides protection to all Canadians, with a focus on South Asian Communities. Since its inception the company has grown many folds, providing insurance & investments solutions with the support of its member agents. We started this company, and gradually joined by its management team, which have provided exceptional support in the growth of this company.

When we started the company had strength of only four agents, now in three years we have a strong strength of two hundred and fifty agents all across Canada. We are growing at a very high pace with our sincere efforts and help of our strong & dedicated team members. We are forecasting future growth at even higher pace in coming years.

Recently we have open offices in other provinces: Vancouver, Alberta, And Manitoba. We have plans to open offices in many other Canadian cities in coming years. This couldn’t have been possible without the whole hearted support of our South Asian Community and our agents, and we sincerely would like to thank them for that.


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