Non Cancellable (Non-Can)
Cannot be cancelled by the Insurance Company or premiums increased. A very stable product.

Guaranteed Renewable (GR)
Cannot be cancelled by the Insurance Company. Premiums can be increased but only on a Class basis, (by Occupation, Province and Plan type).
Both of the above are financially and medically underwritten at time of application

Conditionally Renewable (CR)
Premiums can be adjusted and policy cancelled but only on a Class Basis, ( by Occupation, Province and Plan Type). Individual policies cannot be singled out for cancellation. CR plans have built-in standard Exclusions and Limitations, and are usually easier to qualify for.

Companies offer both Earned Income and Gross Revenue choices for obtaining the Benefit that client qualifies for, because of this it is recommended for the following:
– Self-employed
– Small business owners
– Individuals hired on contract
– Employees with group benefits
– Group, Association and Affinity markets.